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We have been serving both the North American Forest and Shipping Industries since 1979. We supply superior quality steel wire ropes for all applications, and specialize in log bundling wires for lumber loading. We also wholesale all types of wire rope direct from manufacturer to our customers anywhere in the world. We do recycling used bundle log wire and metal scrap at our yard or customer’s site. In recent years, We have been expanding our service, supplying block wires to ready mix, concrete companies. Since 2015, we expanded our services to agricultural industry.

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As an integral part of the forest industry, we continuously develop innovative products that will reduce your costs and increase efficiencies for your company.

  • Log Bundling Strand
  • Aluminum Sleeves
  • Wire Rope
  • Used Wire Rope
  • Boom Gear
  • Assemblies
  • Rigging



Products & Services

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At River Cable we take as much pride in our services as we do in our products.

Swifter Wire Repair

Swifter wire repair is a cost effective way to maximize the life span of either a 3/4” or 5/8” swifter wire.

Scrap Metal & Wire Recycling

We offer used log bundle removal services. Call us to know more details about removal the used log bundle at your yard!

Rigging Manufacturing

We can produce any wire or chain product you may require such as tween straps, dolphin wires, etc.

Crimper Repairs

We offer completed service, repair and diagnostic testing.

Chain Load Proof Test

Chain Load Proof Test is a cost effective way to manage your chains.

Boom Gear Management

We can help your business track and manage boom gear in a simple, efficient and cost effective manner.

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